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Mold Removal in Toronto

anacontracting-mold-removal-serviceIf you have discovered mold in your home you can not ignore this problem. This type of fungus that grows on plants, foods, and even the walls in your attic, basement or bathroom, and can be dangerous.

Usually caused by a moisture problem, the mould should be removed as soon as possible after detection, as spores can travel through the air and become ingested, causing serious health problems. Don’t leave your family’s health up to chance.

Let Our Experts Remove Mold Professionally

Call our Toronto mold removal experts today. We can effectively remove mold and safely dispose of contaminated materials, whether in your bathroom, basement or attic. We don’t just get rid of the existing mold: we eliminate the source so it doesn’t grow back.

Using the latest equipment and techniques, we provide high-quality mold removal in Toronto for with your safety and health in mind. We will also provide you with free estimates so you know you can fit the project into your budget.

Professional Mold Remediation

Our experts, specially trained in mold remediation, offer accurate, documented results. Our prompt and timely service appointments will provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ve enlisted the help of professionals who know their craft.

How Do You Know You Have Mold in Your Home?

This fungus typically takes on the shape of fuzzy green or black spots. If your home has suffered water damage lately, it is a good idea to check it for mold.

It can grow rapidly once moisture has set in. Mould spreads quickly through spores and can travel via the ventilation system. It is not always visible right away. It might grow and spread on the inner side of the drywall without being noticed for quite some time.

Signs that you may have mold:

  • excess moisture and visible water damage
  • lifting & curling flooring,
  • musty smell in the air
  • visible darkening of surfaces

Inspect your house on the regular basis for signs of mould. Pay extra attention to the basement, attic and bathroom areas.  If you have concerns, call us for inspection.


If mold is discovered, we will do a thorough analysis and will develop efficient mold remediation practice. We will offer you a detailed plan of action together with cost-estimate, so that you will know all your costs upfront.

We’ll recommend measures you can implement to prevent mould from growing in the future. For example,  installing bathroom fans and vents will reduce moisture buildup, and mold growth as a result. But before that, it has to be eliminated.


If you are concerned that your home may contain mold, the professionals at ANA Contracting can help. We offer high-quality services and affordable rates when it comes to mold removal in Toronto.

As a specialized full-service remediation contractor committed to safe and effective services, we always adhere to specified construction, demolition, and safety regulations.

Our other services include:

When you consult with us for mold removal, we will go over all procedures thoroughly, as well as costs and timelines.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, when you have discovered mold in your home. Trust our experts to handle the job and keep you and everyone in your home safe from the harmful health hazards of certain kinds of mold. We service the Greater Toronto Area.