Mold and Asbestos Removal in North York

asbestos removal in North YorkNorth York, as an older part of GTA has a lot of homes and commercial buildings built before 80ies. Chances are asbestos might have been used somewhere in the building materials used in its construction. This material has been very popular in construction for nearly entire 20ies century for its insulation and fire resistant qualities. However it has been linked, as the result of medical research to serious health risks ranging from respiratory diseases to cancer. Although left untouched it might seem to be comparatively neutral material, once cut, or disturbed during renovation it becomes extremely dangerous through fibers or dust contaminating the air. With more and more of construction, renovation  and makeovers in North York as homeowners are looking to upgrade their homes, it is uncovered quite often. It is not something that you can clean out, air out or get rid of by simple removal.

Once  asbestos is discovered in your home or commercial building call professional asbestos removal service

We comply with Ontario’s construction, demolition and safety regulations to ensure you and your family, employees or customers, are safe and are not exposed to any health hazards from asbestos or in the process of its removal. It is our duty to to make sure that your house or place of business is in compliance to Health regulations after we leave.

Among our other services in North York we offer professional mold removal. If you have noticed that your home has that musty smell, or already have found visible  mold growth on the walls, floor or ceiling, it means that either waterproofing of your house has been compromised, or your plumbing is leaking or you have problems with ventilation. In most cases the problem might be even more serious than it looks – the growth might start in hard to reach places such as behind drywall, behind tiles and needs professional assessment and professionally conducted tests . It is not the matter of simple cosmetic inconvenience, mold growth can not be painted over or cleaned out with bleach. Left untreated it will continue to spread through spores and pose health hazards trough its toxins.

Have you discovered mold in your home?

Contact Ana Contracting for professional assessment, after conducting a series of tests we will be able to provide you with conclusive information on type of mold growth and its location, as well as with detailed estimate on its elimination procedures. As much as it causes inconvenience we do understand that you want to get back to normal as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to make the mold abatement process as smooth as possible.

Call ANA Contracting at  or email us at or when you suspect that you have mold or asbestos in your North York home. We also provide free estimates so you can ensure the project fits your budget. Let our experts handle the job and keep you and others safe and help you return back on track in no time. Let us help you, contact us today!