Mould & Asbestos Removal in Barrie

If during renovations in Barrie you have uncovered asbestos in your home, or commercial building, or suspect that it might have asbestos just because the building has been built before 80ies get conclusive tests and professional assessment by professionals specializing in asbestos removal. You might be held liable if it affects the health of your employees and tenants, and you would not want to expose your loved ones to the well documented risks of asbestos exposure if it is discovered in your home.

Where asbestos can be potentially found?

Asbestos has been used widely in construction between 1930 to mid 80ies and was valued for its strength, durability, insulation properties and heat resistance. Due to its versatile qualities it was used widely in:

  •  sprayed-on fireproofing,
  • pipe and boiler insulation,
  • loose fill insulation,
  • vermiculite insulation,
  • acoustical plaster and tiles,
  • roofing felts and shingles,
  • asphalt/asbestos limpet spray,
  • drywall joint-filling compound,
  • coatings and mastics

At ANA Contracting we understand that uncovering asbestos causes major disruption to your life, or your business operations, and we always make sure that the removal procedure is organised efficiently enough to make the whole project stress free.  This is where experience matters!

Contact ANA Contracting for fast end efficient asbestos removal in Barrie!

We thoroughly follow the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to ensure that all the asbestos removal procedures on your site are performed safely.  Before starting the project we will be able to provide you with conclusive evaluation of your site, and detailed measures and procedures required for asbestos elimination along with detailed cost estimate and timeline.  After the project is completed we will certify the site as as asbestos free, and you will be able to continue your construction project, or carry on with your normal life knowing that the place is safe now.


Along with asbestos mold growth in your home or business can not be left without attention. Growing fast in dark spaces with excess moisture mold spores pose a serious health hazard to anyone living or working in the space affected by it. In most cases mold can be discovered easily appearing in the places with obvious signs of water damage. Once discovered it can not be simply cleaned or painted over – the spores will continue spreading eventually causing more damage. It does require professional treatment by certified company.



Contact ANA Contracting at 416.282.5914 or email us at or when you encounter a mold or asbestos in your Barrie home or commercial building.  Let our experts handle the job and keep you and others safe. Let us help you, call us today!