Mould & Asbestos Removal Barrie

When your home or business contains mold or asbestos, Don’t leave your family or worker’s health up to chance. Instead, contact ANA Contracting who provides secure and professional mold and asbestos removal in Barrie. We are a specialized full-service remediation contractor dedicated to safe and effective services spanning from demolition to fireproofing.

We avidly cohere to the construction, demolition and safety regulations of Ontario to ensure your loved ones and workers are free from harm. Our multiple services include mold and asbestos removal Barrie, demolition, insulation, renovation and fireproofing. When consulting with us about a mold and asbestos removal, we will go over all procedures thoroughly, as well as all costs and timelines necessary for your project.


When inhaled, asbestos can result in lung cancer or mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer. For clients who are concerned by the presence of mold and asbestos in their Barrie home or business, we can do many things to ensure your property is safe from hazardous substance. For one, it is the use of a mineral fiver found in rock and soil. It is commonly used in building construction materials for schools, homes and office buildings.

Where Does Asbestos Lurk?

  • Vinyl floor tiles and ceiling tiles
  • Siding shingles
  • Flooring or walls located near wood-burning stoves
  • Certain fabrics that are heat-resistant
  • Insulation containing vermiculite
  • Hot water steam pipes
  • Textured paint and compounds

We deliver asbestos removal Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 operational procedures as the only permanent solution. Once the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) are removed, we must reinstall appropriate substitute material such as fibreglass pipe covering. Likewise, a temporary three-chamber Decontamination Structure, a Dirty Room, Shower Room and Clean Room complete with filtered showering facilities, must be installed. Also, the use of HEPA Filtered Negative Air Pressure Units, HEPA vacuums and temporary lighting, are essential to keep the area from being contaminated during the removal procedure.


Mold is a type of fungus that grows on plants and food, as well as attic, basement or bathroom walls. Typically, mold is caused by a moisture problem and should be removed upon detection as the spores in the air can call health problems once ingested. Contact the mold removal Barrie experts today. We can permanently get rid of your mold problem. Don’t just remove existing mold, eliminate the source so it doesn’t grow back.


Mold takes the form of fuzzy green or black spots. If your home or office has experienced water damage, it is essential that you check for mold as it can grow quickly once moisture has set. Don’t worry though, we’ll also recommend ways to prevent mold from future growth, such as installing bathroom fans and vents.

However, nothing is foolproof. This is why it is essential to contact a mold removal expert. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the safety of your inhabitants.

We care about your health and safety. Don’t put your loved ones or employees at risk. Our courteous and timely serviced appointments will provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen top professionals who know their craft.

Contact ANA Contracting at 416.282.5914 or email us at or when you encounter a mold and asbestos removal Barrie problem. We also provide free estimates so you can ensure the project fits your budget. Let our experts handle the job and keep you and others safe. You will never regret your mold and asbestos removal efforts. Let us help you, call us today!